Mothers Love Family Day care is always looking for individuals who has

  • passion to work with children
  • home that meets safety and environmental requirements
  • commitment to safety and is prepared to follow laws and regulations
  • current working with children check and police check
  • current first aid and CPR certificate
  • current asthma and anaphylaxis certificate
  • minimum certificate III in children services or actively working towards

Initial home visit from the Co-ordination Unit.

• Co-ordination Unit staff will conduct a visit to your home to assess its overall suitability as a Family Day Care Centre.
• As a result of the visit, areas of your home may be identified for you to consider before continuing this process.

Introductory Package and Application Completed.

• This allows the Co-ordination Unit to gather information about you and your family.

Formal Interview.

• You will be invited to attend a formal interview with the Co-ordination Unit to discuss your suitability as a Mothers love Family Day Care Educator.
• You may bring with you, to the interview, any evidence that supports your qualifications and previous experience working with children.

Home Safety Inspection.

• Co-ordination Unit staff will conduct a full inspection of your home and complete a report outlining the corrective actions, if any, needed to ensure that your home complies with the requirements as set out in the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.

The Prospective Family Day Care Educator Training.

• The prospective Family Day Care Educator might undergo training from the Co-ordination Unit. This training might involve:
• Appropriate Training Courses at the Co-ordination Unit.
• Visits to play sessions.
• Visits to another Mothers Love Family Day Care Educators home.
• You will be provided with information to assist you in completing training (if necessary) in Workplace Health and safety, First Aid and Child Protection.

Final Home Safety Visit.

• The final home safety visit is conducted by Co-ordination Unit staff. At this visit, the Educator must completely set up the home for Family Day Care as though they were expecting children to attend for the day.

The Educator is registered with the scheme.

• The Educator is issued with a Registration Certificate and begins to care for children. The Child Development Officer from the Co-ordination Unit will work with the Educator to decide on the number of children which will, in turn, depend on factors such as the comfort level of the Educator, the Educator's experience, qualifications and space in the home.

New Educator Competency.

• A new Educator will receive weekly visits from the Co-ordination Unit for the first six weeks.
• After the first six weeks, a New Educator Competency Checklist will be completed, and the Educator will either be given feedback about areas that they need to work on –which will be supported by additional visits – or are deemed competent and are then given fortnightly and thereafter, monthly, visits.